Our Mission

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their finances. Our job is to give you the education and opportunities you need to make real, meaningful progress.

Thinking about your finances can be frustrating, but we're working to make the process simpler and easier to understand for iLikeCredit members.

How we help you

The first thing we do is give you free information about your credit. Once you know where you stand, we help you figure out your next move. Maybe you need to dispute an error on your credit report. We could help with that. Maybe you're paying too much in interest. We could help with that too.

We want you to feel good about your options and make informed financial decisions. That means giving you the right information at the right time so you can zero in on what's important.

Meet the Team

These are the voices that shape our innovation.


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Timothy Barrett


Next Steps...

So let's get started!

Join our members on the path to financial progress.